Thursday, April 19, 2012

who needs to eat?

after i dropped tommy off at my parent's house i drove to starbuck's. i opened my door and reached down for my purse; only there was no purse down there. so, i couldn't get breakfast and i couldn't go next door to buy my subway for lunch either. after i got to work i text brian to let him know how my day sucked b/c i didn't have food since i'd left my purse at home. all he did was text me back that "that sucks". i figured he wouldn't care at all but part of me hoped i was wrong. part of me really hoped that he would drive and get me something and bring it to me at work....about a half hour drive from our house to my school. i knew it was silly b/c he doesn't really care about me but i thought maybe he'd think of the baby. to top it off today is my long day at work b/c we have a meeting after school so i didn't get home until 5. it would've just been nice to be cared for.

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