Monday, April 30, 2012

dear ben,
you were created for the same reason as tommy....b/c i knew i wanted you and i knew i'd love you so much. i apologize in advance for how you must be feeling inside my stomach as my life is turned upside down. you aren't getting the same ride tommy did. at 17 weeks when your dad brought all of this up to me my world was turned upside down. i'm sorry for the stress you must feel and my sadness that seeps into you. my goal is for everything to be peachy keen by the time you get here but i can't promise you that. all i know is that i'll love you as much as i love tommy and that he'll be a great brother to you....that's all i can really promise you. i thought you were guaranteed more. i thought i was too. i'm sorry. i'll forever be sorry for the ride you have in my belly as i try to work out my life and you try to prepare for your life outside my womb. i forever wanted you and will forever love you.
your mom

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